Britney Spears appeared at a hearing last week regarding her conservatorship and asked for some freedoms she doesn’t currently have, although she was turned down by a judge. Well, sources now say at that hearing Britney basically revealed that she agrees with the accusations made by the Free Britney movement.

TMZ reports Britney told the judge her dad Jamie committed her to a mental institution against her will and forced her to take drugs, although the site insists Britney’s conservatorship doesn’t give Jamie that power. Britney spent 30 days at a facility last month, although sources insist it was because her meds were no longer working and doctors wanted to get the combo right.

Insiders say Britney is now seeking to have her 11-year conservatorship come to an end, but so far that’s not going to happen. As we reported, the judge asked for a 730 expert evaluation of Britney, and no decision about the conservatorship is going to happen until that’s complete.

Source: TMZ