There are few people that can point to a plane crash and walk away – but NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., wife Amy and their daughter, Isla are all on that list. This after literally escaping a fiery plane crash in East Tennessee.

What happened? While the “why” remains up in the air, Federal Aviation Administration officials say the Cessna Citation rolled off the end of a runway and caught fire after landing at Elizabethton Municipal Airport yesterday afternoon.

While the family hasn’t spoken more in depth, we know that everyone’s home and okay…and for the moment, they’ll be taking it easy. Earnhardt, who is an analyst for NBC will be taking some time off. ”We’re incredibly grateful that Dale, his wife Amy, daughter Isla, and the two pilots are safe following today’s accident,” NBC Sports says in a statement. ”After being discharged from the hospital, we communicated with Dale and his team, and we’re all in agreement that he should take this weekend off to be with his family. We look forward to having him back in the booth next month at Darlington.” In the meantime, the NTSB is en route to investigate.