WMMI Scoreboard Spotlight 2018

McGreggor has a heck of a half, the Oiler defense continues to wreak havoc, High and Dow are both back to 2-2, Sacred Heart and Beal CIty both with big tests next week!  It’s all here on the HS Scoreboard Posdcast!



JNR Engraving POTG Evan Chomchai
JNR Engraving POTG Tyler Hueneman





The Oilers move to 3-0, Beal falls to 0-3, and it’s a Chumchai night Thursday for Sacred Heart, that and much more in this weeks HS Scoreboard Podcast!



A historic week 2 as Beal fall to 0-2 for the first time this millennium…Midland High and Dow are 0-2, and Mt Pleasant looks dominant on Defense again… it’s all in the week 2 podcast!


For all the week 1 action…

Ithaca’s streak comes to an end, High and Dow have tough openers, and the Oiler defense was very strong….all week one Mid Michigan scores are just a click away! Also, an exclusive interview with Mt Pleasant Oiler Head Coach Jason McIntyre!