WMMI’s 2019-20 GI TEC Center Student of The Month


 My1043 and the Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center are proud to honor a student of the month, each and every month throughout the 2019/2020 school year!

My1043 would like to thank the Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center for their support as we award to students who go above and beyond in the classroom, at school, and in our communities!

Check out this months nominees!

Jenessa Johnson nominated by Deborah Leasher:  As the Co-op Office Assistant in the Mt. Pleasant High School Principal’s office, Jenessa’s confident and positive voice can be heard each morning as she reads the daily announcements. She is currently in her second year of employment as the Co-op Office Assistant and her supervisor, Liz Busch states, “Jenessa has an exceptional balance of having a welcoming attitude and professionalism!” In addition, while managing her academic requirements, she is also employed at the Jump Station in Mt. Pleasant. She has joined the GI TEC Business Professionals of America (BPA) Chapter, and will put her skills to the test at the BPA Regional Leadership Conference in January. As a fourth year member of the marketing program, she continually plays an active role in the program’s events and activities. Jenessa  was selected this year as a member of the management team for the student run school store. Jenessa  is always willing to take on any task that is asked of her. She is self-directed, sees what needs to be done and takes the initiative to take projects through to completion.  Because of all of Jenessa’s outstanding skills and abilities, she was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society in March. Jenessa has been a tremendous addition to the marketing and work experience programs over the last several years. She will leave some very big shoes to fill.


Riche Vaquera nominated by Andy Keson: Richie is a masterful Electronics student. He is an active classroom leader and excels at his work in the electronics lab. Richie is a senior at Mount Pleasant High School and is looking into pursuing a degree at Mid Michigan College and then transfer to Northern Michigan University for Multimedia Production Major and Social Media Design Management. Currently he is a project leader on a class shirt and working on a stop light senior project.

In the classroom he finds time to help others and to make sure everyone is doing well. His passion for Electronics is remarkable. His caring and friendly personality along with his excellent communication skills add to his success as he completes electronic projects and looks for deeper meaning.

Outside of the classroom he is involved in the community and school events. Richie’s commitments outside the classroom is being an active tribal member.

Congrats to Madisyn, who set a record for # of votes!


Madisyn Auker nominated by Kerry Lockwood: It is with pride that I nominate Madisyn Auker for the My 104.3 GI-Tec Student of the Month.  Madisyn is currently in her second year of the accounting curriculum at GI-Tec.  Madisyn is also enrolled in the CENA program at GI-Tec. She has pushed herself hard to gain all the skills in the accounting area that she can before she goes to college.  Madisyn is a very independent and strong young woman.  When I think about the most notable accounting students I have had in my 19 years of teaching, I am confident Madisyn will always be on that list.  To prove her abilities Madisyn was just recently hired at the Isabella Community Credit Union as a Co-Op. Her co-workers and supervisors have expressed to me that they love her there. I recommended Madisyn for the co-op position because of the trust and respect I have gained for her. When the need arises she is always positive and willing to help anyone.  She has proven time and again that she is responsible and ready for whatever life throws at her.  Outside of the classroom Madisyn keeps herself very busy. She is a very active member of the Mt. Pleasant High School soccer team during the spring season and Mt. Pleasant Extreme soccer during the fall. She is also an active 4-H member and a member of the National Honors Society.  For the last two years Madisyn has been an active member of the Financial Analyst Team for Business Professionals of America. Her and her team members have placed at the Regional, State, and National levels and have goals of doing so again this year. When I think of words to describe Madisyn one of the first ones to come to my mind is “motivated”. She has always done exactly what is expected of her, often times even more. She makes good choices in and out of the classroom. I have often told her I hope my own younger daughter will end up having as much pride in herself and good morals that Madisyn does.