92.3-FM WMMI & GI Tech Center “Student of the Month!” (20-21)


92.3FM/AM830 WMMI and the Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center are proud to honor a student of the month, each and every month throughout the 2020/2021 school year!

92.3FM/AM830 WMMI would like to thank the Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center for their support as we award to students who go above and beyond in the classroom, at school, and in our communities!  Teachers nominate & we showcase them right here!

You can vote below on the student(s) who you think deserve it most!  At the end of each month, we tally up all the votes & award that student with a prize package of rewards from local business supporters, such as:  Krapohl Ford & Lincoln, Bill’s Custom Fab & 92.3FM/AM830 WMMI!


Alexandra Davis- Ithaca (October 2020)


Ally is an amazing person and student. She is very dedicated to her studies in cosmetology. From day one, Ally has come into class with a big smile, an open heart, and a beautiful personality. She is willing to help anyone that is in need. She is willing to take on any project that comes her way. She has great attendance and her homework is always done.

As a cosmetology student and stylist, she can be described in one word, WOW! This young lady has a lot of talent. She creates beautifully hand-crafted styles that are always done with exact precision. Ally has demonstrated leadership in our student council. She is dedicated to improving our college and she wants to make it a great experience for the students around her. She is a leader and a positive person that her peers can look up to.

In closing, Ally has everything that it takes to be student of the month. She has talent, leadership qualities, a drive to succeed, the eye for creating beauty, and a heart of gold. She is everything you want in a stylist.

Nominating Teacher: Lisa Badour- Cosmetology

Logan Loya- Mt. Pleasant High School (October 2020)

Logan Loya has been in Business Management for three years and has held a variety of positions. I cannot think of a more deserving student than Logan.

He has shown incredible responsibility, he is very organized, and the hardest working student in the room. He has taken on projects that impact tons of people and in doing so, has shown how unselfish he is. Logan is going to be successful no matter what field he goes into.

He is a leader, having held various positions within student senate. As such, he has become a role model for other students who do not hesitate to approach him for help or any assistance.

Logan has a strong desire to lead. He is absolutely comfortable taking the reins when necessary, but is just as confident allowing others to shine. Logan brings out the best in his peers. His sweet demeanor, warm personality and wicked sense of humor make him an absolute joy to work with.

Logan’s enthusiasm for dedicating his time to others is inspiring. Logan is the first one to volunteer, the last one to leave an event or project and never the person complaining about what has to get done. He is the ultimate role model. He gives of himself 110% unconditionally. To say he is a team player is a gross understatement. He has dedicated himself to the Mt. Pleasant community and school for as long as I have known him in so many capacities.

Logan is the epitome of what a student of the month looks like. He is beyond deserving.

Jesse Pratt- Beal City (October 2020)

Jesse is an amazing 2nd year Educational Careers student that gives 100% every day. She is always willing to help her classmates/teachers and her work is always top quality. Jesse is a senior from Beal City that is planning on pursuing a teaching degree next Fall. She is very hardworking as well as a great role model for her peers and elementary students. Last school year, she worked in a 4th grade classroom as a cadet teacher and she did an outstanding job with this experience. She is organized, goal oriented, a team player, and always willing to step into the leadership role when needed. Because of all of Jess’s outstanding skills and abilities, she was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society in 2019-2020. Outside of the classroom, Jesse is also very involved with her community and school events. Jess is a natural leader and I am lucky to have her as a student in my program.

Nominated by: Amy Schell- Educational Careers

Michael Zanoni- Sacred Heart Academy (October 2020)

Michael has turned in assignments on time, actually early, and done to a high level of accuracy. He is flexible and has a great attitude at all times. He’s also a student athlete in Golf, but places his education at a high level in spite of commitments to his sport endeavors. He is already reaching out and applying at colleges and working to get into their sports programs. He shows an impressive level of organization and planning for a student his age and will continue to excel as the year goes on.

Nominated by: Scott McNeal- Drafting