November 2020 (6am-6pm) at Rics Food Center – MP!

92.3-FM/AM-830 WMMI, The United Way of Gratiot and Isabella Counties and all of their amazing volunteers, I-Ride of Isabella County, Sowle Mayflower, and Rics Food Center are coming together again this season to “Fill A Mayflower!”

We need your help to fill this Mayflower. This year the need is even greater. Bring your non-perishable food items and drop off your cash donations to the parking lot of Ric’s Food Center, at the corner of Mission & High, on Friday, November 20th from 6am until 6pm!

We are conducting a CORPORATE CHARITY CHALLENGE again this year, as well! Get your business to “challenge” other local businesses (through social media, etc) and challenge to see who can raise the most # of Non-Perishable food items/cash for this event!  The business that raises the most will pick up a sweet trophy from our partners at JNR Engraving!

This year, it’s a NO-CONTACT food drive. Roll up & volunteers will come to your ride & take the donations. You don’t even need to leave your vehicle. If you don’t want to stop by in person this year, for whatever reason(s), simply Text the word “MAYFLOWER” to 4-1-4-4-4 and make your cash donations via text, now!

Local food pantries will stop by at 6pm, to collect all the donations and distribute to those in need for the upcoming holidays, through the United Way of Gratiot and Isabella Counties.

I-Ride of Isabella County will also be hosting their “Food for Fare” again this year. Bring your non-perishable food items, as your fare, and ride for free on Friday Nov. 20th!   Call I-Ride at (772-9441) and they’ll come collect your non-perishable food items!

Once each I-Ride driver fills up their buses with the goods & cash, they’ll swing by Rics & drop them off!

Rics Food Center will also be donating food to the United Way with their HI-FIVE TURKEY DRIVE!


If YOU or someone you know would like to volunteer this year, CLICK HERE! 

Local food pantries that will benefit this year will be listed below (soon):

Coming together as a community is what this is all about! We need your help to guarantee a much happier Thanksgiving to those less fortunate families in our area, this season!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING & HAPPY HOLIDAYS The United Way of Gratiot & Isabella Counties, I-Ride, Rics Food Center, Sowle Mayflower, countless other sponsors & volunteers who make this event possible!

MY1043, 92.3 WMMI & Latitude Media, locally owned, community minded!