Vote Now: MAYOR OF MISSION 2020!

92.3-FM/AM-830 WMMI knows that 20-20 has been an usual year & lots of things have been going on….including an upcoming election of monumental proportions!

The election we are referring to is which candidate is going to be our next “Mayor of Mission St?”

That’s right…The Next Mayor of Mission title has been held for the past (3) years by Tina Sawyer!

Read up on each candidate below & then cast your votes!

Our election results will be revealed on the MY-1043 Morning Show on Tuesday, November 3rd (as to not interfere with the bigger elections).

TINA SAWYER:  Tina has been in Mt Pleasant for almost (30) years. She knows what people want from a Mayor of Mission St: Trust & Honesty. In her time as Mayor, she is responsible for lots of changes you wanted and needed. She says you can now BELIEVE what she says she will do for you & our awesome main strip in Mt Pleasant! Tina’s Slogan is “If it’s not broken, why fix it?”

SHAWN POWERS:  Shawn has been here in Mt Pleasant for the past (3) years & has attempted (unsuccessfully) to become your next Mayor of Mission Street! He, along with his wife & kids, have made Mt P their home & plan to be here for “the long haul!”  He’s a fresh face to the political scene & highly believes “fresh blood” is what’s needed to hold this position. He has lots of fun & exciting things he wants to bring to the table. If you’re tired of the same old same old, vote for Shawn!  His slogan is “Don’t just trust me as your Mayor, give me the opportunity to prove it!”

cast your votes now! (You can also drop comments & see immediate results).