WMMI’s GI Tech Center Student of the Month


My1043 and the Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center are proud to honor a student of the month, each and every month; and the winner are decided by you!!!  Vote below for the student you think is most deserving of this honor!  Each student of the month will receive some on-air love via My1043, as well as a sweet prize package from our great sponsors.

Students are nominated each month by their teachers at the Tech Center, the nominees are the listed below.  You can vote everyday, so make sure to keep visiting this page.  My1043 would like to thank the Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center for their support as we award to students who go above and beyond in the classroom, at school, and in our communities!

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Here are this month’s nominees!  Vote for your favorite!

Jolee Esch

Jolee Esch nominated by Mrs. Williams-Jolee is ending her 3rd trimester in Interior Design and has shown determination and commitment to improving her technical skill.  When met with a challenge she does not hesitate to meet it or rise above it, she’s also not afraid to question directions or opinions.  As a student she is highly trustworthy and respectrful.  As a classmate she is a team player, and whether she know it or not, a leader.  I look forward to seeing how Jolee grows in the next two years.



Grace McIntosh

Grace McIntosh nominated by Debb Leasher-In her first year as a Marketing student, this individual has made significant contributions to the program.  In addition to her involvement with the Marketing program, she is a second year member of Business Professionals of America which is the premier Career and Technical Student Organization for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields.  As a testament to her strong skill set, she was elected to the BPA executive officer team.   She has contributed many hours to assist in coordinating Marketing and BPA events. The highly successful 12th Annual Silent Auction, held during the recent parent/teacher conferences, successfully raise over $3000 to assist students with competition related expenses.  This commitment is time consuming however, she has managed to fulfill her responsibilities as well as continue to manage all of the other groups and activities she has committed her time and talents.

She currently holds the position of GI-TEC BPA Chapter Treasurer, coordinating fundraising activities, organizing chapter records, handling all chapter finances. She has successfully competed and placed in individual events at the regional and state level investing countless hours in preparation for not only her own events but mentoring fellow members, as well.  She also plays a leadership role in the MPHS Student Senate. In addition to all the above-mentioned activities, Grace maintains a GPA of 4.0 (4.0 scale weighted) and holds a part-time job as an Associate at JCPenney where she was just selected as Employee of the Month!

The most significant quality about Grace is that she conducts herself, in all of her interactions, far beyond her years.  She is proactive with her responsibilities and is always willing to pick up the workload when others do not follow through.  She is self-directed, sees what needs to be done and completes the work never looking for recognition.  Grace is a silent, effective, mature and positive leader that we are fortunate to have as part of our Marketing program and BPA Chapter!

I highly recommend Grace McIntosh for the My 104.3 GI-TEC Student of the Month!

 Congrats to our November Student of the month Mercedes Pomranky


Mercedes Pomranky

Mercedes Pomranky nominated by Andrea Langley: Mecedes is an amazing student in so many ways.  This is her second year in Graphic Arts at GI-TEC.  In addition to Graphic Arts, Mercedes is also enrolled in a two hour block of Interior Design.  Her future plans are to attend Mid-Michigan College and then CMU to pursue a career in the arts.  During school, she showcases a great work ethic and sets the standard for all the other students.   She is inquisitive and always goes the extra mile.  While photography is one of her passions, her commitment to excellence does not end there.  Mercedes is also proficient in vinyl cutting, laser engraving, and screen printing.  Outside of school, she is involved in a multitude of other activities.  She has volunteered at both Masonic Pathways and Stone Lodge Memory Care.  Mercedes also serves as an active member on the Printing/Graphic Communications advisory board.  Mercedes is talented, respectful and has a natural charisma that makes the work environment better by her simply being a part of it.


Congrats to Carlie, our student of the month for October!

Carlie Lux Nominated by Mindy Wischmeyer

Carlie Lux nominated by Mindy Wischmeyer- Carlie is a 2nd year Business Management student at GI-TEC. She takes on leadership roles and is a no-nonsense, determined, hard-working young lady.  Her work ethic is second to none.  Her organization and attention to detail are amazing.

Carlie works as a co-op in the GI-TEC office during the school day where she is well-respected.  She makes her co-workers laugh and isn’t afraid to take on any responsibility.  Once Carlie is in charge, you know that the job will be done with tenacity and care.

Carlie has a strong desire to lead.  She is absolutely comfortable taking the reins when necessary, but is just as confident in support positions–allowing others to shine.  Carlie brings out the best in her peers.  Her sweet demeanor and warm personality, along with her witty sense of humor, make her an absolute joy to be around. She is a member of MPHS Student Senate and for many years has worked for her family business, Lux Family Funeral Home.

Carlie’s enthusiasm for dedicating her time to others is inspiring.  Carlie is the first one to volunteer, the last one to leave an event or project and never the person complaining about what has to get done.  She is the ultimate role model.  She gives of herself 110% unconditionally.  To say she is a team player is a gross understatement.

Every day it is an absolute pleasure to work with her and see the positive impact she has on others!


Congrats to last years students of the month!

Isabelle Steffke

Isabelle Steffke: Beal City High School Senior nominated by Andrea Langley… Isabelle is a hardworking self motivated student in the Printing and Graphic Communications class. She has taken on many production jobs and always completes them on time for her clients. When not working of her own assignments or jobs she is helping her fellow classmates. Isabelle is a pleasure to have in class with a positive attitude and non stop smile. For the past five years she has participated in youth and government and plans to attend Mid Michigan College in the fall.


Congrats to our April Student of The Month!

Kelsey Seymour

Kelsey Seymour: Mt Pleasant Junior nominated by Kerry Lockwood… Kelsey is a student that has been working hard to follow her career pathway in accounting.  She has taken accounting at GI-Tec every trimester of her high school career.  Kelsey has a natural ability in the accounting area. In the classroom she works hard to understand the concepts at a deeper level.  In my 17 years of teaching I have never had a student work as hard as Kelsey has for me over the last few years.  When Kelsey decides to do something she puts her heart into it.  Kelsey is the only student I have had that has completed the entire high school curriculum by the end of her junior year.  Kelsey is often self-taught with the chapters and problems she faces as she is independent of the other students in class.  Often times I look over and can see her working hard to problem-solve whatever she is working on.  Kelsey was inducted this year as a junior into the National Technical Honor Society.  Next year she will be focusing on Managerial Accounting and College Accounting concepts. Kelsey is quiet but a strong leader. Whenever someone next to her is struggling she is always willing to help them. Next year will be fun to watch how she shines as a senior and what her plans will be after graduation.

Congrats to our March Student of The Month!

Alynne Welch: Alma High School Senior, nominated by Dan Bragg:  Alynne is a very talented young lady.  Alynne is a self-taught video editor who loves to jump in and take on any project, no matter how big or small it may be.  Alynne has recorded and edited many videos for her school including this year’s homecoming court video, homecoming spirit week video and her schools charity week video, not to mention many videos she had produced and put up on YouTube.  Just in the last few weeks Alynne has edited a couple of videos for Mt Pleasant Public Schools, one for Pullen Elementary and one for the Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center.  But video editing is just one of Alynne’s interests.  She has participated in dance classes for the past 15 years and has been in competitive dance for the last 8 years.  She is very involved at her school.  She has been on the golf team for the past 4 years, student senate for the past 2 years, Youth Advisory board for the past 4 years and she was this year’s Homecoming Queen for Alma High School, just to name a few. Alynne’s wonderful personality shines through to everyone that knows her.  She is definitely a leader among her peers.  With Alynne’s positive attitude and friendly demeanor and the fact she is a wonderful student, makes her a great candidate for student of the month.

Congrats to our February Student of the Month!

Michael Cesena

Michael Cesena– Nominated by Pat Onstott Michael is a tremendously talented young man.  He possesses exceptional multimedia design skills and abilities that have been on display in the Digital Media class for four years.  He has the incredible capacity to produce original designs across a variety of multimedia spectrums.  His creativity, versatility and responsibility serve him well.  He has demonstrated this throughout his high school years by producing a number of outstanding multimedia projects, which includes a BPA National Championship in Digital Media Production.  He has successfully balanced his academic, athletic and extra-curricular responsibilities.  He is involved in such activities as:  MPHS Varsity Soccer team, Business Professionals of America Officer, GI-TEC Web Warrior Co-op, National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society and volunteering at the Community Church.  As talented as a designer that Michael is, his outstanding character outshines his tremendous design accolades.  He is a leader amongst his peers.  He conducts himself with class, a positive attitude and a friendly demeanor.  He emulates the characteristics of a model student and citizen.

Congrats to out January Student of The Month! Kara McClintic

Kara McClintic

Kara McClintic – nominated by Lisa Gatti: Kara is one exceptional young woman. She has a quiet, unrelenting work ethic that makes her a leader in the classroom. Kara is excited about working in the field of physical therapy, a category in which she has competed at Health Occupations Students of America, making it to State competition last year. Kara is a member of the National Honor Society at Shepherd High School and works with special needs children through their LINKS program. In addition, Kara is a competitive Power Lifter, placing 3rd in one of the weight classes.  Kara is determined to give her best efforts and, through her actions, shows hard work and kindness toward others. Other students look to her for assistance, and she helps when she sees them struggling. All these qualities will help make Kara a fantastic physical therapist in the near future.

Congrats to our December student of the month! 

Emily Lobert

Emily Lobert-Emily is a hardworking student that demonstrates leadership a positive attitude every day.  She is self-motivated and completes tasks in the classroom and lab in addition to her own assignments and duties.  Emily uses her time in the classroom and lab effectively and always strives to do her best.  She utilizes her CTE skills outside of the classroom by using them in a working kitchen at Camp Trotter, a VFW sponsored youth camp, during summer break.  Emily has also been essential in volunteering for numerous activities that promote GI-TEC.  Some of those activities include; representing GI-TEC in the Homecoming parade, helping with the TEC Open House and providing assistance with various catered events.  Emily is also an active member of Key Club and ASL Club.


Congrats to our November student of the month!
Elise Guerrero

Elise Guerrero– Elise is an exceptional student in health science. Last year, she completed the Nursing Assistant class and, this year, she is doing well in Health Careers. Her goal is to work with moms and babies. Elise’s calm and kind demeanor is one of the many reasons she will succeed in any health care career. At her school, she is involved in National Honor Society, has been in BPA and is currently in Health Occupations Students of America. Family is very important to Elise, and she spends a lot of time with her family.  Her teacher nominated her for Student of the Month because she impresses with her quiet leadership. Other students go to her for answers, and they respect her opinions. I can’t wait to see how Elise conquers the world!

Congrats to our October student of the month! 

Jenna Harnick

Jenna is a 2nd year Health Science student. Last year, she completed the Certified Nurse Assistant program, and this year she will tackle the Health Science Careers program. Jenna has been active at school throughout her years at MPHS. She has been involved in school theater productions and Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), where she competed at the regional and state levels. Last year, she was a pivotal fundraiser to help her fellow HOSA members contain cost of traveling to and from competitions. She has now taken on a leadership role in HOSA as a member of the executive board. Jenna is also a figure skater and spends many hours skating.

What is most notable about Jenna is her positive attitude and work ethic. She is kind and friendly to all students and she volunteers to help when she sees a need. I trust her with any task or job. Over the summer, Jenna worked at a summer camp for kids and is currently working part-time at a greenhouse, where she has worked for 2 years. Jenna is capable, reliable, and trustworthy.